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October 20, 2017 • The Current eZine, Technology, Solar Energy, cryptocurrency, SEIA, solarcoin, investment

How innovators are uniting energy, economics, and adoption.

Solar innovation is transforming economies at scale. This is self-evident as oil, coal, and gas are finite resources. Without energy, commerce ceases to exist. Without the large-scale adoption of solar and other renewable energy sources, once-powerful economies will reach a point of stagnation.

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October 13, 2017 • The Current eZine, Technology, Solar Energy, SunShot, DOE, SolarDesignTool, SolarNexus, Derek Mitchell, Software

The Key to Solar Integration is Modernization

Solar Software is accelerating solar installation and expanding adoption. Derek Mitchell, founder and creator of SolarDesignTool, set out to revolutionize solar integration. Derek and his partner, Michael Palmguist, received a SunShot Initiative grant for their company, Solar Nexus, with the aim of tackling the soft costs associated with solar installation. They used the grant to develop the industry’s first integrated software system aimed at reducing administrative time to sell and manage projects.

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October 9, 2017 • The Current eZine, Technology, Solar Energy, Solar Power International, SPI, John Powers, SunShot, DOE, Extensible Energy, Demand Response, Renewable Energy

Solar for Commercial Customers: Poised for Growth?

While utility-scale solar and residential rooftop solar have experienced explosive growth in the past five years, the market for solar on commercial buildings has been much slower to take off.  The US Department of Energy is working with innovative entrepreneurs to spur growth in this sector.  As more solar installers begin targeting the commercial sector, a more pragmatic problem-solving approach is needed to gain the trust of commercial customers.

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October 4, 2017 • The Current eZine, Technology, Solar Energy, Solar Power International, Hiring, SPI, Dr. Wu

An Interview with Dr. Chung-Han Wu

To lead innovation in clean energy, competition amongst renewables companies is not the solution. Lasting success in solar overhauls the energy infrastructure, decelerates the rate of fossil fuel depletion, and creates technology that sets the standard for large-scale utility initiatives. The future of energy infrastructure is through collaboration.  

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September 25, 2017 • The Current eZine, Technology, bereckis, tier 1, bankability, bloomberg

Inside Bloomberg’s Tier 1 Bankability Guarantee – An Interview with John Bereckis

Last week, Boviet Solar USA was granted Tier 1 status by the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation. We sat down with John Bereckis, the President of the Modules Division of Boviet Solar USA, to learn what the Tier 1 designation means for Boviet and its partners.

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September 18, 2017 • The Current eZine, Partnership

Why Partnership May Be the Most Valuable ROI Yet

As solar energy booms— over one million solar installations are already connected to the grid, and two million are expected by 2018— the energy industry faces the unique challenge of integrating and optimizing solar energy into the electricity grid ( With such a challenge comes the need for collaboration between solar and the nation’s over 3,000 electric utility companies.

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September 11, 2017 • The Current eZine, Science

Clean Energy Isn’t in a Battle with Fossil Fuels for the Future of Energy

Fossil Fuels and Solar Strategies are Smarter With Collaboration 

When people think of clean technology, there’s often an assumption of tension between renewable energy and oil/gas, meaning that the two are competing with each other for market share. In some ways, this perception of competition is real: economic forces are driving down the costs of renewable energy, which directly cut into fossil fuel profits.

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September 1, 2017 • The Current eZine, Technology, Robert Magyar, Navitus Strategies, storage, ROI, Schneider Electric

A Discussion on Storage Challenges and Potential Solutions

Advanced technology has given rise to a new role for monitoring software. In the world of the Internet of Things, for instance, innovative startups like Hologram are combining the security benefits of using software and hardware to build a defense layer against cyber-attackers.

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August 28, 2017 • The Current eZine, Science

Why Solar Panel Manufacturing Location Matters: A Look into Boviet’s Facility in Vietnam

Supply chain visibility is an absolute must for companies in the infrastructure space. As solar panel manufacturing becomes disparate—especially when production capabilities are global—risk and failure rates arise.

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August 18, 2017 • The Current eZine, Policy, Economy

2017 Solar Job Boom Reveals Mainstream U.S. Industry

One of the wonderful benefits about leading the solar energy industry is creating job growth. Solar doesn’t just deliver clean, affordable renewable energy—it’s a dynamic and rapidly growing ecosystem that improves lives by providing meaningful, well-paying jobs and high-skilled careers.

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